Haus partners with Sway to launch a new co-working space in London


Haus is announcing it's first coworking space in Holborn. Haus at Sway has opened it's door on 22 May and since then attracted early-stage startups and freelancers.

  • Haus partners with restaurants that are closed during the day and transforms them into coworking spaces.

  • First location is in Holborn, called Haus at Sway.

  • Membership is only £150 per month and everyone get free week trial.

  • Members receive high quality coffee, tea, snacks, high-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of power outlets.

  • Haus spaces will typically be open from 9am till 5pm.

  • As an added bonus, Haus members receive 50% discount on drinks at Sway.


June 2, 2017, London – Haus, the latest new-comer to the co-working space scene exploring new ways to create and deliver workspaces, is bringing a new type of workspaces to London with Covent Garden’s Sway. Partnering with one of Covent Garden’s most loved club venues, Haus has launched its first coworking space transforming the sleek party bar into a 3000 sq.ft. daytime workspace perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers and local startups.

Haus at Sway is a new kind of workspace. Challenging the current coworking business model, Haus partners with spaces that are under-utilised and transforms them to perfectly suit the demands of modern workforce. Working with restaurants and bars that are closed during the day, Haus converts them into beautiful coworking offices, closing the gap between demand for coworking areas and an untapped supply of spaces already configured to accommodate a large number of people.

Haus provides its members with all work essentials to allow them to focus on building their business. This includes high quality coffee, tea and snacks, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi internet and even the optimal space temperature and music playlist to create a comfortable environment. Each Haus venue is staffed by a community manager to cater for the needs of its members and the space.


Haus members can pop in to the space from 9am on weekdays and work there until it opens for the general public. After that, they can order something from the bar and commence finishing their day. As an added bonus, Haus members also receive discounts on drinks at the bar, making after work drinks at Haus spaces much more appealing. As the network of spaces grows, Haus members will be able to move around London and work from the closest Haus location without additional charges.

“Our first Haus coworking space is delivering a beautiful workspace to early stage startups and freelancers” said Kaniyet Rayev, CEO of Haus. “We’re excited to bring our business model of cost-effective and flexible workspaces to the London market. Haus fills the gap in the market, where freelancers and early stage startups had to choose between free coffee shops and expensive coworking spaces. Haus also unlocks a lot of value for restaurants and members. Restaurants can now spend additional financial resources for their operations and our members can spend more on marketing, product etc. But most importantly, we create a supportive community of early stage entrepreneurs and freelancers, who can come to Haus and socialise and make new friends.”
“We are very excited to be partnering with Haus on this new venture ” said Kieran Manning, General Manager of Sway. “When approached by Haus, the decision was easy. We love what they are doing and believe our partnership is beneficial for both Sway and Haus as it can introduce great new clients to our venue and allow Haus member to be part of a well known establishment. Although we are only at the beginning of this journey together, Haus and Sway already have a great relationship, we look forward to giving Haus members a great experience. Since their launch we have found that Haus coworking spaces have great buzz around them, and it’s a great thing to be a part of.”

About Haus:

Haus is a new company exploring new ways to create and deliver workspaces. Launched in May 2017 by 21- year-old Kaniyet Rayev, Haus looks for under-utilised spaces and transforms them into stylish and efficient co-working spaces. Haus’s ability to offer great workspaces for a fraction of what currently exists in the market gives the opportunity to its members to invest additional resources towards their dreams.

It’s mission is to create a network of beautiful spaces with supportive community of early-stage startups and freelancers.

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