3 Tips To Catch Up On Emails After a Long Holiday


We all know this feeling when you come back after a holiday and see that you have 2578 emails waiting. The only question that is in your mind is how to deal with thousands of emails quickly?

We have prepared 3 tips that will help you to deal with email avalanche effectively.

1. Set up an out of office email

If you are planning to go for a long vacation or simply won’t be able to respond during the trip, the first thing you should do before leaving is to set up an automatic response. It can be simple and short. Just let people know that you are unavailable, when you will return and who should they contact in case of any urgent needs.

2. Filter high-priority senders

You are likely to have several people in your contact list whose emails you don’t want to miss. You can do it in several ways. Firstly, you can apply filter to have messages auto – sort to the particular folder, so that when you get back you know what to tackle first. Secondly, you can simply sort your inbox by sender. This will help you to identify the messages that you need to respond to ASAP.

3. Don’t put off responses

Once you have identified important emails, answer them immediately. Simply make yourself a promise that you will deal with each urgent email as you open it. This will make your life easier as some emails are growing into more powerful monsters the longer you ignore them.