5 Tips To Become a Good Freelancer



As a freelancer, you are always your own boss, and no one can question you ,however, it is important to maintain your dignity as being a boss of your own.

1. Focus on quality not quantity

Nowadays it has become a common practice to take as many projects as you can but always keep in mind that quality should be on the first place. One high quality bid is more likely to get you the job compared to several low-quality bids where you haven’t bothered yourself to analyse either the client’s requirements nor help them to understand what your skills are.

2. Improve your communicational skills

Language plays a crucial role while establishing authority as a freelancer, that’s why it is important to master communication skills. If English is not your first language, work hard on improving it as it will give you a chance to increase your job opportunities. Improve both speaking and writing skills so that you always have the edge when it comes to negotiation and communication of your ideas.

3. Keep learning

Freelancing is all about being on top of the game and being out of the box. There are a lot of online tools that will assist you in acquiring new skills and knowledge. Moreover, make sure you attend offline lectures, webinars and conferences as often as possible.

4. Don’t afraid to say NO

Despite accepting the offers and orders deliberately, sometimes try to say NO to the client if you feel that this job is not the one that you have been dreaming of. For this purpose, it is important to attain and develop project management skills.

5. Learn to negotiate your salary

An eye-opening fact about the freelancing world is that the cost of your work is always equal to the power of your negotiation skills. That is why train yourself in negotiating your salary and work. Do not take whatever comes but rather remember that every job is negotiable.