5 Places to Grab Your Healthy Lunch Around Soho

Healthy food london

Haus, being in the very heart of this amazing city, encourages its members to feel the vibe of the place we call home. Let us tell you about our most loved places in the neighbourhood of our first coworking space.

When spending your day at our coworking space, you have all Covent Garden and Soho's cafes and restaurants at your disposal. Here are only a few that we especially recommend:

1. The Detox Kitchen

The detox Kitchen is a good place where you can take a salad on its own or bulk up with a protein main, such as chicken breast or a salmon burger. They also offer smoothies and nut milks, as well as a small variety of healthy desserts like sugar-free muffins and brownies, so that you can easily treat yourself. Moreover, if you are super busy you can go to their website and choose delivery option.

10 Kingly Street (Carnaby Street Area), London W1B 5PJ

2. Mojo

Another great healthy place to eat is Mojo. They offer a variety of salads which you can get with a hot or a cold main (vegan options also available). Moreover, you can choose a lunch deal and grab salad, main course and cold-pressed juice just for about 10 pounds.

8 D’Arblay Street , London W1F 8DP

3.Food For Thought

Food for Thought - is a nice place , known for serving up consistently good food at reasonable prices and being popular with celebrities such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mark Strong.They have soups, salads, hot dishes as well as desserts. Meal deals are also available for just around 8.50 pounds.

Neal Street , London WC2H 9PR

4.Carbon Grill

This is a little local place which specialises in all things grilled (chicken, other meat and fish).They have great mix of daily menu choices to suit all platters from around the world. So, the only thing you need to do is just choose what to take - meal box, wrap or salad.

78 Brewer Street, London W1F 9TY

5. Honi Poké

Honi poké - informal and friendly service in a lively atmosphere where fresh and healthy food is cooked on the daily basis. Here you can try simple Hawaiian snack by either choosing a preconceived house bowl (of cured tuna or salmon, octopus or tofu) or by buildung your own. Seating is limited, but this is a fine spot for a grab-and-go lunch or quiet early evening sit down.

82 Dean Street London, W1D 3SP

In addition, don’t forget that the perks of working in our coworking space is that you don’t need to go anywhere for lunch or dinner,as you are already in a restaurant. Feel free to have lunch or dinner at  100 Wardour st  with 25% discount off for our members.