6 Benefits of Coworking

Coworking spaces had revamped the way most of us view working. In the new age of progressive digital world more and more people can work remotely. Being present in a particular office space becomes unnecessary and the flexibility plays a more important role. Successful companies with the reach to millions of people can now have a crew of only 10-20 workers. No need for big offices and expensive rents. Hence, the coworking space market is growing incredibly fast as it is the perfect middle ground between an office and a home. Here are six benefits to start coworking.


5 benefits of coworking 1

1.     Cost Efficient

Budget is all when it comes to business. There is a small number of companies that can afford an office in central London. Central position is very important due to the ease of travelling and being within the reach of your clients.  Coworking is a win-win when it comes to spacious office in the city centre and affordable price. You can save on your workspace and use this money on something more beneficial for the growth of your business such as marketing.

2.     Flexibility.

There is no point in renting a big office space just for yourself or for a small group of 2-4 people. Hence, coworking becomes a great option for young entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. Coworking space gives you flexibility to expand your crew from only one person to a bigger number of 4-10 people. In addition, the options of membership plans varies according to your needs from a short one-day membership to the long-term monthly plans.

3.     Community

Although it is not everyone’s priority social interactions play a big part in the employee satisfaction. As humans are social creatures the lack of colleagues and people around can be oppressive. You may be experiencing difficulties with self-motivation or simply suffer from boredom. The meaning of ‘coworking’ confines the essence of it which is ‘working together’. It is fun, engaging and motivating. Communicating during a coffee break and collective brainstorming positively affects both your well-being and your work. Starting something new can be terrifying so surrounding yourself with people, who are going through the same difficulties as you, creates a supportive community. Also, it is the perfect place to meet new people and make friends.


5 benefits of coworking 2

4.     Network

Connections is one of the most important aspects of modern business. When looking at any job application you are most likely to see the section saying ‘excellent communication skills required’ as networking is essential for the growth of any company. Coworking is an amazing opportunity to make meaningful connections in a natural informal atmosphere. In a coworking space you are likely to be surrounded with your clients as well as your business partners.  In addition, sharing ideas, knowledge and information is one of the most important benefit of coworking.

5.      Reduces stress level.

When using a coworking space you are not bothered about other things such as the maintenance of your office which can take a lot of your precious time. The little things, such as ordering paying electricity bills, buying coffee, choosing the cleaning services, can get in the way of your working plan. Coworking eliminates this non-work related stress and allows you to focus solely on your business.

6.     Separating your workspace from home

This one is particularly for freelancers.  Although working from home seems to be very attractive, it turns out damaging not only a person’s productivity but also a person’s mind. Procrastinating over endless cleaning during the day and finally switching to work-mode before going to bed results in bad productivity and difficulties to fall asleep.  Having a clear separation between a workspace and a home is very important. Coworking is the perfect alternative for freelancers who are currently working from home. Having a separate workspace helps setting the mind to the right direction whilst your home remains a place of peaceful rest. Having a presentable place for meeting is also very important. A business meeting at your personal space or a loud coffee shop can be a bit awkward, don’t you think?

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