Work Eat Drink and Party In One Place


When working from home is not an option due to the dangerous softness of the couch and an easy access to the fridge, freelancers start hunting for a perfect spot to work in public. With the growing amount of freelancers, coffee shops are getting packed with people occupying a table for the whole day. It is getting harder to find a quiet public space with a comfortable seat, good internet connection and access to a power outlet.


Work Eat drink in one place 1

The coffee shops do not particularly welcome people who spend the whole day drinking one cup of coffee as they are taking the space of potential customers.  Numerous irritated looks from the staff makes it uncomfortable to stay on one place for a long time. The freelancers with no particular workspace form a community of Digital Nomads travelling from one coffee shop to another. The process of moving negatively affects productivity as, instead of focusing on the work, the Digital Nomads are searching for a new place to settle.



A new start up provides a solution to this problem – a restaurant coworking! The perfect middle-ground between a pricey coworking spaces and an unauthorized usage of coffeeshops as a personal office. This innovative idea has already gained popularity in New York and, finally, came to London. 


Work eat drink and party in one place 3

In average weekday, a freelancer spends around 10 pounds on coffee and snacks in the coffee shop which calculates into £200/month. With the amount of money spent on daily coffee, freelancers and young start ups can buy a monthly hot desk with high-speed internet and complimentary coffee. The Membership in the new restaurant-coworking recently launched in London, called Haus, is priced at only £95/month + VAT. For this price members get unlimited boost of caffeine, fruit infused water, snacks and a work-appropriate atmosphere.



Most importantly, the coworking space gathers numerous freelancers and start ups from different fields creating a community of passionate individuals. According to a study by the Rotterdam school of management, held on 500 coworking users, a quarter says they have started a business partnership with another member of their coworking space. Working in this environment of innovative thinking and vibrant energy enables the creation of meaningful connections. Say you need a tech person to establish your fashion website, chances are he is sitting next to you in the coworking space.


Work Eat and Drink in One place 5

What if I told you that you can work, eat, drink and party in one place? In addition, Haus collaborates with the restaurant to deliver the best deals to its members. Every member of Haus can enjoy 50% off drinks at Sway. On Friday this coworking space definitely turns into a big party as the a half price drink after work sounds too tempting.