5 Ways to Stay Productive


We all face the same problem: too many things on our mind and only 24 hours to complete them. In our fast-paced world, we need to do everything in our power to stay productive. Here are some tips for you to always be on top of your tasks.


1. Plan

1.  Plan

Starting your day with writing a to-do-list will help you stay more productive. Having a written plan gives a clear sense of the tasks you need to complete. In a sense this list builds your way to productivity. The process of ticking or crossing the tasks is incredibly satisfying as you erase it from your mind emptying the space for another task. This creates a better focus and evokes the desire to tick everything off by the end of the day. Moreover, it helps you to be on track of your productivity.


5 Ways to stay productive 2

2. Clear Screen

2.    Open as little windows as possible

Focus is key when it comes to productivity. Although a lot of people believe in multitasking, studies show that human brain is only able to focus on one thing at a time. When people think they are multitasking what actually happens is the constant switch in the mind from one thought to another rather than thinking about everything simultaneously. These types of switches make our brain overwork as it consumes more energy in the process of switching, like a machine which wastes the most energy at the starting point. Consequently, we become tired faster. The brain spends more time setting the mind to focus than actually focusing as we switch from one task to another. Hence, the most effective way to stay productive is doing one task at a time. You can help your focus by opening only one window on your desktop. This allows brain to think only about one task and, consequently, complete it faster.


5 ways to stay productive 3

3. Motivation

3.    Surround yourself with motivation 

People are social creatures who usually find motivation in one another. Nothing motivates more than seeing working people around you, who seem to infect you with their endless enthusiasm and work-mode energy. This is the reason why most people prefer going to public libraries in order to enter the work-appropriate environment. Coworking is an amazing way to stay motivated for longer. At Haus Spaces we create a friendly coworking environment of passionate individuals which motivates our members to stay productive the whole day. Coworking has the perfect balance of the working environment and friendly community. There is no way for procrastination when you are surrounded by people tapping on their keyboards and discussing passionately their new projects. Surrounding yourself with passionate individuals increases your productivity level.


5 Ways to stay productive 4

4. Necessities

4.     Having the necessities on hand

Hunger and thirst can be an easy distraction to your productive morning. Therefore, you must have all of the necessities at your workplace as soon as you start working. It saves you time and maintains your focus. At Haus spaces we have all of the necessities at hand: caffeine to boost your energy, fruit-infused water to keep you hydrated and snacks to appease your hunger.


5 ways to stay productive 5

5. Work Hard 

Play Hard

5.     Work hard, play hard

Although working is extremely important we shouldn’t forget that life is not all about work. Don’t forget to give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day. Setting yourself a reward upon completion of your daily plan increases the level of productivity. At Haus we love the proverb ‘Work hard, play hard’ which sums up the fun nature of our workspace which transforms from being a co-working space during the day into a popular bar during the evening. We love to reward our members for the productive day in the form of 50% discount on drinks at Sway. At the end of the day coworking becomes copartying.